Botanical Garden plant

              Iancu Jianu street no. 14

              Craiova, 200008



University of Craiova

Agronomic Institut

              Libertății street no. 19

              Craiova, 200421

The Japanese island with roses and furniture specific to the Asian area is also one of the favorite retreats of tourists looking for relaxation.

botanical garden craiova japanese island
The most beloved sector of the Botanical Garden is the ornamental sector, where numerous decorative species are cultivated.
botanical garden craiova ornamental sector
The central part of the Botanical Garden attracts lovers in particular.
Also here, another gem is waiting to be visited. It is a greenhouse of the Botanical Garden that looks like a small Amazonian jungle. We meet here hundreds of species of plants and trees, from the banana tree from Asia and Africa to the dragon tree from the Canary Islands.

The taxod or pond cypress, which is found in this sector of the floricultural provinces of the globe, a North American species that usually grows in marshy places and which in the sector of the Botanical Garden is planted near the stream that crosses the Botanical Garden.

botanical garden craiova pond cypress

An explosion of colors, vivid landscapes, taken as if from a fairy tale world, but also a lot of silence. There are no less than 6000 species of plants and trees from all over the world. The most visited sector is the one that houses over 1,200 specimens brought from the Mediterranean, Caucasian and North American areas.

botanical garden craivoa general view


botanical garden craiova flowers
botanical garden craiova pond cypruss
The Craiova Botanical Garden annually publishes the "Index Seminum" seed catalog, participates every year in the Flower Exhibition on June 1st and hosts various events on ecological themes and actions to protect the environment.
It has been included since 1974 in the International Association of Botanical Gardens (I.A.B.G.), and since 2001 in the Association of Botanical Gardens in Romania (A.G.B.R.).
The time interval in which the botanical garden can be visited is between 7 am and 10 pm. Entry is free.

The Botanical Garden was designed and laid out in 1952 by Professor Alexandru Buia and his students from the Faculty of Agronomy. The Botanical Garden of Craiova is a place that should not be avoided. An oasis of greenery near the city center, it is visited daily by hundreds of people, attracted by the more than 6,000 species of plants and shrubs, but also by the beauty of rare flowers. In terms of size, it is the fourth university botanical garden in the country after those in Iasi, Bucharest and Cluj. 

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