Casa Bibescu, a historical monument, preserves memories of the past in the Nicolae Romanescu Park. Built on the Bibescu family estate, the house was transformed into an asylum for the disabled, bringing with it an emotional and historical charge. Craiova city break gives you the opportunity to explore this iconic building and connect with the park's rich history.

In the heart of the Nicolae Romanescu Park, you will find the Fanfarei Kiosk, the place where the lively sounds delight visitors. This musical gem adds a vibrant touch to your Craiova city break experience. Stop by to listen to the music or take in special events, turning your visit into a show to remember.

Parcul Nicolae Romanescu , peisaj romantic
Parcul Nicolae Romanescu , Chioscul Fanfarei
Explorarea Castelului Fermecat dezvăluie un univers arhitectural de poveste în Parcul Nicolae Romanescu. O călătorie în timp, încrustată cu detalii regale și o frumusețe inegalabilă în Craiova City Break.
Înconjurat de verdeață și înfrumusețat de nuanțe cromatice, lacul din Parcul Nicolae Romanescu te îmbie la o plimbare relaxantă sau la contemplarea peisajului natural de o frumusețe unică.
Descoperă rafinamentul și liniștea oferite de Glorieta din Parcul Nicolae Romanescu. Un pavilion pitoresc care adaugă o notă de eleganță și farmec în mijlocul peisajului natural impresionant.
parcul romanescu craiova , podul suspendat

Nicolae Romanescu Park challenges you to cross the Suspension Bridge, a masterpiece of engineering and architecture. With a spectacular panorama of the entire park, the bridge offers tourists a suspended view of the surrounding nature. As part of the Craiova city break, this unique attraction perfectly complements your experience in the Nicolae Romanescu Park.

Traversează înălțimile pe Podul Suspendat din Parcul Nicolae Romanescu și bucură-te de o panoramă spectaculoasă asupra peisajului natural. O experiență deosebită în inima naturii craiovene.

The Suspension Bridge - A Panoramic View in the Nicolae Romanescu Park

Fanfare Kiosk - Melodies Full of Life in Nicolae Romanescu Park

Nicolae Romanescu Park is home to one of the oldest zoos in Romania. Here, tourists can discover the fascinating animal kingdom, from noble cats to exotic birds. The natural surroundings provide the animals with an authentic wild environment. For those passionate about nature and biodiversity, the Nicolae Romanescu Park is the perfect destination within the Craiova city break.

The Zoo - An Adventure in the Animal Kingdom from the Nicolae Romanescu Park

Craiova city break invites you to discover the architectural jewel of the Nicolae Romanescu Park - the Enchanted Castle. Built in an impressive and glamorous style, the castle adds a regal air to the park. Every detail of this architectural monument tells a story, turning the visit into a journey through time. Nicolae Romanescu Park, a must-see in Craiova city break tourism.

The Enchanted Castle - The Architectural Jewel of the Nicolae Romanescu Park

The Nicolae Romanescu Park conquers you with an enchanting lake, which offers a picturesque view and a haven of peace in the middle of the urban bustle. Here, tourists can enjoy a romantic boat ride or enjoy the relaxing natural scenery. Nicolae Romanescu Park, a green treasure in the heart of Craiova city break, is waiting for you to discover the beauty of this enchanting lake.

Lake - Mirror of the Sky from Nicolae Romanescu Park

Nicolae Romanescu Park welcomes you with Glorieta, an elegant and picturesque pavilion, offering a perfect place for relaxation and contemplation. With special architecture and well-kept gardens, Glorieta is a point of attraction within the Nicolae Romanescu Park. Discover the refinement and beauty of this dream corner in the heart of Craiova city break. 

Glorieta - An Oasis of Silent in Nicolae Romanescu Park

Craiova city break invites you to explore one of the most impressive tourist destinations in the city - Nicolae Romanescu Park. This place full of history and nature offers a unique experience for tourists and locals alike.

Discover Romance in the Nicolae Romanescu Park , the Heart of Craiova

Casa Bibescu îți dezvăluie tainele unei epoci îndepărtate în Parcul Nicolae Romanescu. O bijuterie istorică care îmbină eleganța și amintirile bogate în inima vibrantei Craiova City Break.

Bibescu House - Witness of History in Nicolae Romanescu Park

Discover all these wonders in the Nicolae Romanescu Park, an unforgettable destination for tourists passionate about nature, history and adventure in the heart of Craiova through a city break.




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